a dr. suess moment

we have been sanding & painting the ceiling all week and therefore took the door off the main floor bathroom (that’s posed some interesting scenarios itself … hehe).  today, courtney was attempting to tape off the bathroom crown molding so that we could paint the ceiling.  she was unable to reach up over the sink/cabinet, even on a stool, so she just stepped up onto the sink.  she quickly realized that the vanity lights were HOT and made it dang near impossible to reach over them… so logically, she turned the light off.  i was painting out in the hall just outside the door, so i knew all of this.  jeff however… did not!  a few minutes later, he was going to wash the paint off of a paintbrush and went in the bathroom and turned on the light.  without skipping a beat, he notices courtney “in the sink” and turns off the light, steps out and states matter of factly, “there’s a kid in that sink” and goes on his way to find another sink.  you’d think that we keep kids in our sinks on a regular basis!

[NOTE: it’s Seuss]

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