all she wants for Christmas… 2 front teeth

A week or two ago we were talking about rearranging the house and trying to decide where we wanted to put the Christmas tree this year.  We were also writing our letters to Santa (and Secret Santas).  Courtney was sitting in the corner, over by the fireplace and said “Dear Santa, for Christmas I want teeth.”  Of course, Jeff and I immediately broke into song “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth…” She was not amused… I am still LAUGHING!

One of the most precious things in a young child’s life is the loss of their first tooth and as a corollary to that, the first adult tooth breaking the skin.  But if you will recall, Courtney’s upper canines are impacted, her “baby” canines had to be surgically removed June 2009 and she has endured several laser procedures, “wings”, wires and now upper braces with chains to encourage those impacted canines to move into the correct position.

Flash forward to today:  When the girls got home from school, she came tearing into the house, threw her backpack across the room, and slid to a kneeling halt at my feet (I was sitting in a chair).  All the while she is screeching at the top of her lungs (NOTE:  the squealing actually started outside in the garage):  I HAVE A TOOTH!!!  I HAVE A TOOTH!!!  I HAVE A TOOTH!!!  Look! See! [jerks head back, opens mouth wide, points to vacant hole with minuscule little white spec barely visible to the naked eye]  But wait, she’s 15!  HEHE, one of her canines has finally broken the skin.  AWWWH, today is a special day, Courtney has a tooth!

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