I had a bad hair day

One morning I was getting ready to leave and my curling iron broke.  I realize this isn’t the end of the world, and it really would have been otherwise unremarkable, if it weren’t for the incident that occurred later that day.  This particular problem is NOT what caused my bad hair day… I have good hair 😉 it usually does what I want.  That is, when it’s not plastered down with goose poop.  Yes, you read that right… and NO, I did not do this of my own accord!  I was standing outside at drum lessons waiting and it was a gorgeous early evening.  You know, clear blue skies, flocks of geese… flying right over my head.  No amount of papertoweling the afflicted area was going to make it any better.  Needless to say, you know who really loves you when you have goose poop (aka. bird poop) in your hair.  Goose poop separates out those whom will laugh in your face, from those that will snort their drink up their nose instead.  My house is filled with both.  However, Jeff was gracious enough to finish cooking the dinner I had left on the stove so that I could shower… It’s highly probable that it was so he could LAUGH OUT LOUD while I was out of the kitchen.

I’m not really sure how many shampooings it takes to get goose poop out of your hair.  It’s not something you are taught in school.  Shampoo (or soap) seems self disinfecting but do you trust that hypothesis when there is goose poop in your hair?  Yeah, neither did I.  I settled on LOTS of shampooings… just to be on the safe side 😉

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