I love my fingernails!

Anyone who has known me for any length of time has probably seen me do the “stupid fingernail trick” where I can bend/mash my fingernails and or just peel them apart like sheets of paper.  I have always had stupid nails… they are pointless.  And forget getting my hands wet, the nails just peel off as I mentioned.  Handwashing dishes has always been my nemesis (or washing babies 😉 ).  Yes, I have tried everything… go ahead, test me.  I tried that hoof cream, loads of different vitamins, different fingernail “paints” that were supposed to help.  NONE DID!  Often, whenever, I took vitamins, my fingernails would grow crazy long, but still thin and flimsy, often with ridges in them.  Cutting thin, flimsy nails is difficult!  Filing is impossible!

However, since I have switched to Juice Plus, my nails do not grow quite as fast, which is something I noticed almost immediately.  Yet, they grow stronger and thicker, without any ridges?!?!  After a month, I noticed that my nails weren’t as flimsy, especially when wet and I began pointing it out to others “OOOOH, I hope this lasts!”  Now I feel confident in saying that Juice Plus has helped me grow stronger nails.


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