Giant jar of giant pickles

I dare you to try and say that several times really fast 😉  We were at Sam’s or Costco and we had a 10yr old boy with us… who found a giant jar of giant pickles.  Of course, our first instinct was to say “no” but then we realized that there were 25-30 pickles in the jar for about $3…  Most of us like pickles, so we were curious of the fact that we might be able to entertain the majority of the family with snacks for a while.  As you can imagine, this giant jar of giant pickles has brought amusement for the duration. (mostly in the chanting of “giant jar of giant pickles” every time anyone opens the jar up).  If your family enjoys pickles… and you have fridge space… you might consider a GIANT JAR OF GIANT PICKLES.  (and curse my sister for spelling her last name Pickel… it made this post very difficult to type! 😉 ).

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