We “lapped” Scotty ;-)

OK, so we changed our minds and decided we could manage to take a trip after all.  So we picked up the truck from the shop on Thursday, scrambled around and got things packed up and when William got home from vacation Bible school on Friday, we pulled out for Texas.  We were on the road by 7pm and drove straight through (mostly to bypass all that dry Texas HEAT that’s been going on!!).  But the rain appeared to be following us!  So around 2pm on Saturday, we were nearing Grapeland, TX and Jeff decided to call his dad.  Scotty said that they were in Corsicana, TX and would be home in a few hours.  Of course, we had to tease him and say “Well, that’s why you aren’t answering your front door!”  They had stopped and played with friends along the way, because that’s what retired folks can do if they want!

Fortunately for us, Sheri and Jody had already turned on the A/C out at the lakehouse and invited us over for FOOD! 😉

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