What a storm!

I was out dropping Ashley off at basketball and the sky was falling… GREAT BIG DROPS… and then it was coming down so hard and fast, it was difficult to see.  I managed to get her dropped off and turned around to head home.  I was about halfway home, when the storm worsened.  The water was rushing across the road and was a few inches deep; as it hit the curbs, it lept up over to continue like a raging river.  I decided to pull over (as did most everyone else).  Good thing too, because right about then, it started hailing little tiny balls… and then increased to about dime size.  I was not a happy person!

As the storm let up ever so slightly, I continued on home and called Jeff from the driveway to open the garage door.  I bolted inside and he quickly closed the garage door and we found ourselves in complete darkness.  That is weird because we NEVER turn off that light, it’s a pain to find the switch in the dark 😉  Fortunately, we both had our cell phones and turned up the brightness for a “flashlight” effect.  I found the switch, but no light… and when I opened the door, the kids were yelling that the power had gone out.  FUN!

Jeff was thrilled because he was right in the middle of fixing dinner!  Everything was “mostly” done except the mashed potatoes, which would now have to just sit and wait until we could boil water again 😉  By this time, Ashley was texting that practice was going to end early.  I suggested Jeff take the truck 😉

While Jeff was gone, William and Courtney decided to play a game in the living room.  We opened the blinds to get whatever little light we could and they had a flashlight.  William had to take a break and went down the hall to the bathroom.  Courtney yelled out after him to “CLOSE THE DOOR!”  [note: this bathroom has no windows and we have no power] He just replied “Ummmm…” To which she elegantly responded “Oh.”  That made us all laugh for a good while!

The power was out for about 1.5 hours and apparently we will still be sacrificing a microwave to the cause.

[NOTE:  the mashed potatoes died a horrible, awful, terrible death… and we won’t discuss that here 😉 )]

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