What NOT to wear

Today I had to take Courtney to the dentist and when I walked into the waiting area several women were talking. One was apparently going on about fashion but was going to make an attempt to include me in this conversation although I had arrived late. HOWEVER, she did it in a snide, underhanded kind of way. You see, I was NOT dressed up, I had been painting/caulking just before this but had changed into “better” clothes. I was only in beige capri’s and a pink t-shirt and tennis shoes (kinda trademark clothes for me… and yes, my socks, ALL OF THEM, are pink and white!). This pretty much describes my entire wardrobe and I felt that SHE suspected this. So as she was chattering along to the other women about clothes, she turned to me and “very politely” and yet OH SO RUDELY asked me “… and where do you get your style sense?…”

“The dryer.”

She was OFFENDED and huffed & puffed and stomped out of there. Oh well, guess she didn’t like my shoes 😉

NOT the dryer:
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