Thanks for the birthday wishes

WOW!  Overwhelming calls, texts, Facebook posts for my birthday.  THANK YOU.  And no, I never did figure out why Facebook decided to tell some of you that my birthday was on October 1st… I appreciate all the well wishes from Saturday too 😉

Today was a nice day.  It was NOT the kind of day that you can kick back and do nothing for your birthday kind of day though.  We had parent/teacher conferences in the afternoon, then a choir concert and basketball game at the same time in two different places.  Soooo, I let the high school choir sing for me 😉 (ok, Courtney claims her teacher doesn’t purposely schedule the concerts on my birthday but this is year two… if it’s on my birthday NEXT year… we’ll know for sure 😉 ).

Thank you again for thinking of me and taking the time to wish me a Happy Birthday (or in some cases… some of you wished me “the happy anniversary of 18th bday, 25th bday, 29th bday…”)

I’d type more but it’s hard to type and eat Blue Bell at the same time….

One Year Ago:

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