Lesson Learned – Again

Ya know… I checked the jeans’ pockets before I put them in the dryer. I found the frog… and I was kinda glad it wasn’t alive. I found the taffy… the 3 Muskateers bar, the hot wheels, the golf tee and all the change.

But apparently I missed the “kneaded gum eraser” that must’ve been in Ashley’s pocket. The dryer was SMEARED with kneaded gum eraser. Think chewing gum, only it didn’t harden. Fortunately, it did not get on any of the jeans?!?! I’m not questioning it, it’s just what happened. 😉 I have to say that it is TOTALLY worth paying a 10-yr old boy to clean up this mess… AND he did an awesome job! THANKS!

Dryer Style:
[ http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2011/08/30/what-not-to-wear/ ]

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