Folding clothes

Heather and I were chatting while I was folding a few loads of laundry.  As I was folding a couple pairs of jeans, I realized that I wasn’t sure whom they belonged to.  This often happens with mine and/or the girls’ clothes… BUT… in this case, I was fairly certain that I was holding a pair of Courtney’s jeans and a brand new pair of William’s jeans.  I stopped talking.  This is a huge indicator in our family that something serious just happened ;-P  Heather said “What’s wrong?!?!”  So…. I matched up the waistbands… and sure enough, William’s jeans are longer than Courtney’s jeans.  I wasn’t going to tell her; I was going to let her read it here first… but she walked in shortly after I had just compared all her pants lengths to Williams and Heather and I were still laughing from the results 😉

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