Accidental snow day

The late night news said we’d get some flurries… no snow by midnight…. but by 4am it was obvious that we were getting a wee bit more than flurries as there was a blizzard outside and we easily had 6″… at 6:03am the school finally decided to have a “90 minute delayed start”… ah, that was SOOOO helpful because 90 minutes is plenty of time to figure out how to get out from under 10” of snow while it’s snowing.  THEN, a neighbor emailed that they had rolled their pickup truck a couple of blocks away…. AND THEN, another neighbor emailed that the high school bus had been stuck (on same road as rolled truck) for over an hour… AND THEN, another neighbor emailed that a snow plow was stuck in the driveway of a nearby elementary…. SOOOO, we kept the kids home.

As Murphy’s Law dictates, within another couple of hours, the sun was out, another snow plow had come through, and the roads were clear 😉

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