Green Eyes

I have learned that I probably shouldn’t take my girls out in public, 😉 at least not to Best Buy!  I took Ashley and Courtney to Best Buy and while we were there, they were admiring the tile flooring.  It is a bright blue with gold sparkles embedded within.  They were mesmerized by the floor and kept making comments like “…so… when we break into Best Buy, we have to remember to steal the floor!…”  A couple of male employees would glance at us, then look at the floor, then take a closer look at us.  I finally leaned over and said “You do realize we are in PUBLIC don’t you?!?!”  “Umm, yeah, sorry mom, but isn’t the floor great?!”

And to continue my public torture… as we were walking up to the checkout register, Ashley had mentioned that she would like to get colored contacts, green colored contacts.  This has been an ongoing discussion for a few months now, so Courtney picked up where we last left off… “MOM, you cannot encourage her to do this.”  and an argument ensued… “why… Why NOT? WHY?!  WHY NOT!?!?”  Ashley asked what’s wrong with green eyes and right before my eyes, I realize that Courtney is going to make a disparaging remark about green eyes and the young man behind the register has green eyes.  She is just out of “smack up side the head” range AND… “Because green eyes are dumb!”  The checker responds “Hey! I have green eyes, what’s wrong with green eyes?” at the same time, Ashley responds “… but YOU have green eyes!” It’s true… Courtney kinda has green eyes.  They are that kind of stormy gray color that changes with her mood and color of clothing… but today, they are green.

I just looked at the checker and said, “don’t mind her, she has green eyes and blonde hair!”

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