And she called him a foot…

At Courtney’s choir concert last night, the director had a “mini-organ” and some orchestra players on stage. She did say the real name of the “mini-organ” but yeah… I don’t remember what she said 😉  She was explaining that the pieces were written for an organ but that their “mini-organ” did not have pedals.  So, her husband would play cello and a student was playing bass to “play the pedal pieces” in the songs. [NOTE:  more orchestra players assisted with latter songs in the concert, seen in picture below.] She continued to talk about the songs’ styles and came back to talking about the “mini-organ” again. She then said “Since this doesn’t have feet, they will be the……..” She realized what she was about to say, took a deep breath and accepted it… looked right at her husband and said “I think I just called you a foot.” Of course, the audience chuckled at her faux-paux!

I was thinking “well, that’s better than her calling him a heel…” but apparently I wasn’t just thinking it… I must’ve mumbled it loud enough for the very large man sitting next to me to hear. This man was Santa Claus and he guffawed and carried on such that the entire section was looking at us… I didn’t know him! but he finally pointed at me and said “She said better than calling him a heel… HAHAHAHAHAHA!” The entire area started laughing but fortunately for me (and Courtney), I’m pretty sure the ruckus stopped before reaching the stage area so neither the choir director nor Courtney realized there was even a commotion.

OOOOPS…. be careful what you think 😉 … and how loud you think it 😉

As usual, their choir performance was spectacular and it’s hard to believe these students are in high school.  [LOOK… I kinda took a good “low-light” picture… with my phone!]

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