How to fix a dryer

The dryer broke about 3 weeks ago so Jeff disassembled it and ordered the parts needed from the Sears website. Once the parts came in, Jeff realized that the nut needed was actually REVERSE threaded. There is actually a whole story here about how he and William managed to get the original nut off the dryer to begin with (not knowing it was reverse threaded at the time 😉 ).

SOOOOO, he and William went to every part store in the metro area looking for a reverse thread nut. Yes, one little reverse thread nut was making me do laundry at a laundromat! Just so you know, there is NOT a 3/8″ reverse thread nut in the greater Denver area… so Jeff got ahold of Sears Service Center and they offered to order the part for him (instead of using their website)….

About 10 days later, we are STILL waiting on the part. I had gone up to our mailbox at the UPS store and texted Jeff that the part was STILL not here, so he called Sears. Meanwhile, I arrived at home to browse through the mail and found a postcard from UPS.

Pay attention here, it gets tricky 😉

UPS sent a postcard using an incomplete address but the postal workers know us so they sent it along to the UPS store, where they also know us (AND… they know we’ve been waiting on a dryer part for weeks). I’m reading this postcard that says “Our UPS driver was unable to deliver a package due to an incomplete address. Your package was taken to [a UPS depot] where you can pick it up for the next 6 days at which time it will be returned to Sears.”


UMMMMM… they sent the postcard to the exact address that they were complaining about… you know, the incomplete one they couldn’t find?!?! you know… the UPS Store?!?!? USPS-1, UPS-0

Of course, this was about 4:30pm on a Friday and the depot was only open til 6:00pm M-F.

Remember, Jeff is on the phone with Sears? So, I paged him on another phone and told him we had a postcard, which is a good thing because even though Sears has a tracking number, they cannot locate the package via UPS. Sears-0, UPS-(-1)

We just decided to go and get the part. I promise you the guy working the counter at the UPS depot was just as stumped as we were: they sent a postcard to a known wrong address and didn’t bother to call the number to verify the address?

So we have confirmed that UPS does NOT know where their own UPS store is located 😉

Yes, the dryer is fixed…. 😉

The Dryer and The Frog:
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