All that, and the kitchen sink

You know how people say “Well, you packed everything but the kitchen sink?”

Remember… we had to go to Home Depot to get a new kitchen faucet?

We had a long list of “stuff” we needed to do minor repairs/maintenance/finish remodeling around the house so we had a cart FULL by the time we stopped to look at kitchen faucets.  [NOTE:  I say “we” but this is mostly a “me” thing… I have this long list of things I will be doing 😉 ]  After Heather texted us photos of our current kitchen faucet setup, we FINALLY picked out a faucet set and headed toward the checkout.

HOWEVER, I made the comment that it’s too bad we are getting a nice new faucet to put on an “old” sink. [NOTE:  there’s a background story here that’s about 2 years old…  involving a jar of HOT BOILING grease and a wet sink and a “ruined” spot in the sink…]

Hehe… we have a new sink now (well, it’s not installed, yet) and it’s reversed from the other setup with the deep sink on the other side so we can move the garbage disposal.  I told Jeff if he could buy “me” new dishes for Mother’s Day, then I was justified in buying him a new place to wash them for Father’s Day.

When we got home, we had the kids help unload all the “stuff.”  Jeff told the kids… “Mom bought all that… and the kitchen sink too!”

One Year Ago:

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