Year 13 of Rockies baseball games

[I don’t if they took pics…] Jeff & Courtney have been going to a Rockies baseball game to celebrate her birthday and Father’s Day since her 4th birthday.

They have tickets to tonight’s game, front row along the first base line. So of course the septic pump guy would be late…. then the car would break down and leave them stranded at a restaurant.

No problem, we are used to running into Plan B, Plan C…. Plan G 😉

on the way to take Ashley to basketball, we swung by and got them (leaving the car) and dropped them at the literail station.

They only missed part of the first inning… you know, the part where Todd Helton hit a Grand Slam homerun.

I think Courtney should explain what’s going on and ask them all to do it again 😉

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