All Clear 09/17/12

Update to last update [] Ultrasound (x2) was fine.  The “thing” Doc felt is same anomaly discovered during last ultrasound: [].

This visit was not quite as “exciting” as the previous ultrasound but I have to tell you, that several employees recognized me as the”new machine guinea pig.”  Nice, I like TAZ better, just so ya know 😉

If you will remember from the last ultrasound, that they noticed irregularities and have since followed up with the surgical report and had the last ultrasound report and images on hand for reference.  Whatever this is that the doctor felt, has been there all along but has no blood flow so is just a “thang.”  What makes it more interesting is that apparently there are SUPPOSED to be lymph nodes in this area but I don’t have any… figures.

As usual, I actually had two complete ultrasounds which basically require me to remain upside down the entire time.  They were thorough and measured carefully and compared notes with my previous ultrasounds and determined that with no blood flow and the tissue has not grown, that this is just an anatomical difference.  I’m weird… but they know it 😉

…and NOW, it’s very well documented and photographed 😉

FYI… my bloodwork is back from my last appointment and it all looks good as well, the TG (Cancer tumor marker (Thyroglobulin=Tg)) is undetectable.

And, on a side note:  check out this release I had to sign.  Now, not only do they release info to the insurance company and employer… but “ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY?!?!?”  How is that helpful?

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