Off Grid for 48 hours

[pics incl]  Well, we made it back from our anniversary camping trip []… no kids and NO CELL SERVICE (well, ok, maybe 1/2  to 1 bar for 30 seconds at 7pm each night 😉 ).  We were out in a National Forest area (near a former forest fire area) and it was eerily QUIET!  I took some video of our campsite for the kids to see and the loudest sound during that minute or so, is the crackling of the fire!  We only had a couple of things “go wrong” on our trip off the grid:  1) as we were driving around the National Forest area on the 2nd day, we were up/down some steep BUMPY roads, and on the way back down one we had come up… we found OUR hitch in the middle of the road?!?!  Needless to say, we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have dodged a million “what-if” scenarios! and 2) the heater stopped working the 2nd night.  That didn’t bother Jeff so much but I was already a popsicle 😉  Fortunately, it never was too cold and we have pretty good sleeping bags.  I just bundled up on one of the bunkbeds.

I took a lot of pictures, but of course, the camera never does justice to the detail of the foliage and scenery.  We went hiking along some of the Colorado Trail (Google it) and yes, I felt compelled to climb a rock (for Ashley’s benefit 😉 ).

After we left, we stopped at Crossroads Pub & Grill and shared a meal with LOTS of bikers.  It’s kinda become tradition ever since the 150,000 or so bikers in Galveston about 10 years ago with Karen & Duane 😉

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