How to NOT Win Tickets

Courtney has been absolutely impatient waiting for Les Miserables to come to theaters.  When she discovered that a local paper was giving away free tickets if you txt’d a code from your cell phone… she promptly confiscated all cell phones (except mine… another story).  Today, we get a text in ALL CAPS THAT SHE HAS WON 2 TICKETS TO LES MISERABLES TONIGHT!!!  After Jeff confirmed this was legitimate, she frantically arranged to get to the movie … amazingly another one of her friend has also won 2 tickets.  The four of them got there a couple of hours early and waited in line with dozens of other winners.  Apparently, it was first-come-first-serve, so they were passing out tickets until they ran out… at the person in front of Courtney and friends.  Please help us all!

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