Took a Walk Today

Today I asked Courtney if she was up for taking me on a walk to our mailbox. She said, “Define mailbox.” I understand because we do have a mail service a mile or two away or so. I replied… “…you know… the 10-12 feet to the end of our driveway.” 😉

We live in a pretty open neighborhood where everyone has 1/2 acre or more. I really wanted to visit a neighbor about 3-4 houses… uphill. I had no idea if I could pull that off. We walked slow and discovered they were home with a chair waiting for me 😉

After a nice visit for 45min or so, I was refreshed enough to walk the downhill home, seeing other neighbors along the way! Bet I sleep good tonight 😉

Still have the loud buzzing but its tolerable I guess. My vision is still blurry enough at distance that I know I would NOT be comfortable walking alone until it improves.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!

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