OOPS, Did You Want that Sideburn?

This isn’t mine to tell but I’m telling it anyway because it’s FUNNY!!! and they’ll get over it 😉

I usually use clippers on Jeff’s hair about every three weeks or so… If you’ve been paying attention, I haven’t cut his hair in about 6 weeks. So he enlisted Courtney. He asked me if I had any advise to give her before she started…

“NEVER, say “oops” out loud.”

After a while, she really had the hang of the fact that the clipper guides prevent you from shaving the skin off “the client’s” head. I even heard her talking about her OCD kicking in and she was making it all even and perfect…. until…

Jeff asked her to even out his sideburns [ummm, that’d be WITHOUT the guides]… and she translated that into “make my hair even with my eyebrows.” He yelped “HELP?!? to me…” With one sideburn down, there was nothing to do but remove the other (which apparently she had no trouble doing while LAUGHING the entire time!!!).

and then… even out the back of his neck… [again… without guides…]

Let’s just say that it’s a good thing his hair grows extremely fast and that he wears a ball cap. Because his “hair” is the length of the cap and the “even out the back of his neck” is also to the length of the cap 😉

Debbie & Mario would be proud ;-P

I was forbidden to take pictures or post a blog 😉

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