My Personal Phlebotomist

Had a thyroid doctor appointment this morning, just routine visit. My favorite personal leech was waiting and all ready with the tiny butterfly needles, hot compresses, double bands, etc. This particular office doesn’t usually see children so she has to bring them special, just for me. She was appalled at the damage left on “my good arm” and was unable to get through the scarring on that vein. 🙁 I think that was her first miss ever in 10yrs! (didn’t hurt though) Second spot success… She said she used to work at a drug rehab and I’m still her worse patient ever. Look, I’m good at something 😉

I missed her! I called her boss, just to say how much I missed her on my hospital stays!

Gonna have another thyroid ultrasound, just because Doc thinks I should, no other real reason. I’ll keep you posted on all the results in near future.

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