Good Story Bro, Tell It Again

I know a few of you will TRULY appreciate this :-)… txt conversation between Courtney and Ashley. This has greater meaning if you also know that one of Ashley’s good friends’ last name is Bro (and we say that all the time). [ ] Jeff said, his kids’ arguing is driving him to drink!

I know it’s not 100% but it’s FUNNY and… THEY DIDN’T USE “epic” AT ALL!! 🙂 [on their behalf, it’s possible that “I” improperly transcribed…

considering they were both in class (high school 11th english & college english) and attempting to txt without being caught… courtney said she laughed out loud & had to share w/ class/professor

Courtney (txt’ing Ashley) – “Quote: “Fanfiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker.””

Ashley (txt’ing reply to Courtney) -“True story bro”

C- “That is such an ineloquent response to such a statement- that never a truer truth have been uttered – that I cannot speak to you henceforth.”

A- “I sincerely beg your pardon, as I was previously engaged in the dull activity of pulling graphite against paper, that I could not adequately respond to your lovely allegory.”

C- “I shall endeavor to grant amnesty upon you as I had not been cognizant of your previous pursuit, even with something as dull as practicing your penmanship; in return I only ask that in forthcoming colloquies exchanged betwixt the both of us that you aspire to simply withhold commentary until you are able to reciprocate with the prime of your abilities.”

A- “I shall reiterate my previous mea culpa and henceforth only reply in ways which appease your exorbitant standards.”

C- “I disagree with your analysis of my standards which states that they are ‘exorbitant’ as I do not believe that they exceed or defy in any way the protocol in which the framework of confabulation between two individuals is structured.”

A- “I contend with your disagreement. Exorbitant, as it were, has multiple meanings. I use it in such a way to illustrate that your standards are above the proletariat norms.”

C- “I protest! My standards, as they were, are neither extreme, inordinate, nor unwarranted–they are rather quotidian and are practiced by a preponderance of the commonwealth. Your standards, per contra, seem comparatively exiguous and do not appear to be equitable to societal adequation.”

…the phrase “I done learned them good” has refreshed meaning 🙂

HAHA!!! My Aunt Cheryl gave me a brilliant idea!! Instead of promoting teenagers talking trash using “ghetto slang.” Courtney & Ashley should start an 18th century proper English revolution! ]

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