Interesting View About Vaccines

We are fortunate to have healthy kids! However, I learned to WAIT to give the vaccines AND to have them administered one at a time vs. one in each arm/leg (sometimes, giving a small infant 4-multi function shots simultaneously!!!). I learned this because Courtney didn’t thrive; she was <12 lbs at a year old! The doctors kept saying she didn’t weigh enough to vaccinate. However, they gave those same vaccines to Heather in her first few months. I was confused and started researching.

When Heather was four (actually, it was <3wks before her birthday), she got a vaccine. Ever since that day, I have been fighting with schools over whether or not she had “her 4yr shots!” It’s no big deal that Courtney is off schedule by months/years but 18days has them running circles! I found out it really didn’t matter because the vaccines all needed boosters EVERY 10yrs?!? So, I asked what was different about “these new shots” vs. the ones I received as a child… NOT MUCH!

Flash forward a few years and Ashley is kid #3, 18mo check up. We are both sick but the doctor wants me to bring her anyway. Guess what? We both have the measles?!? Apparently, we were contagious for days/weeks prior. Explain how vaccines helped? Ashley couldn’t get any shots that day because she was sick. I asked a lot of questions because what if this had been the day before where we felt fine. What would have happened then? The answers were enough to make me really research every vaccine! You should too!!!

Some of the newer vaccines/flu shots have some very scary adverse effects that are considered MILD (as if paralysis, sterility & death are mild). I’ve had my “adult” doctors tell me that vaccines are made strong enough for a 200lb man, yet they are expected to administer in infants! Think about mercury derivatives used as a preservative!

I learned to ask about Lot numbers and to research recalls BEFORE getting vaccines!

Do your homework and make an informed decision about EACH vaccine; keep in mind that they may not be the same as previous years and watch for “the switch” (ie. DTP vs. TDP, tdP, etc).

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