Thyroid Ultrasound 09/17/13

I still have (or not have) all the weird “stuff”… but…

All Clear 09/17/2013!

In true fashion, I talked to them Friday to confirm my appointment 8:30am (be there by 8:10am), and they didn’t have me on the schedule! Fortunately, they worked me in because I was very early and there was a big wreck on the freeway, making everyone else late.

This ultrasound was a little interesting, I’m still not very good at having my head inverted nor having my head on the left side very long without pain. Had to take a few breaks but otherwise uneventful (unlike all the previous years 🙂 ). Doc was able to see less blood flow down my left neck though. 🙁

Previously, about the weird stuff, she told me again today what it’s called but by the time I was trying to type it up, I’d forgotten it!

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