Things That Go Poof

I REALLY wish I had pics… OR VIDEO! Bear with me, it really should be a visual 😉

We regularly vacuum out the dryer vents/ducts and had done so around Labor Day weekend. However, it’s suddenly been taking forever for clothes to dry so we performed some tests with and without the hose connected to the house duct. It was obvious there was a problem so Jeff cleaned it all out with the shop-vac blower but still no air flow to the outside vent. Instead of shop-vac, he switched to the more powerful leaf blower; still no air flow outside.

A trip to Home Depot for “thangs” (duct cleaning things), and that didn’t help either! After consulting with neighbors and Google, he left a message for a duct cleaning company.

Not wanting to admit defeat, he decided to attempt one last thing… he hooked the leaf blower up on vacuum and taped it to the duct. Yes, he’s IN the house, in the laundry room, crouched down behind the washer/dryer that are pulled away from the duct.

When he turned it on it was instantly apparent that nothing was happening.. for 3.1 seconds… then…


Jeff and the entire laundry room are covered in about 3″ of fluff! Walls, cabinets, INSIDE the cabinets, all over the containers… ALL OVER Jeff and the ceiling!!!

This is one way to clean every square inch of a room 😉

Ode to the dryer:
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