SPAM, It’s Not Tuna

[pics incl] I was writing a list on the whiteboard, of extra lunch stuff the kids had available to take to school (if they don’t take sushi, salad, or something hot… or to add to their stuff). The list included cans/snack-packs of tuna. We bought a bunch a few weeks ago because they were on sale. Courtney keeps telling me she does not want us to buy anymore tuna. I told her “just because it’s in the pantry, doesn’t mean you have to eat it ALL… RIGHT NOW, we bought it on sale.” Not agreeing with my logic, nor paying the shopping bill, she claimed that if we have it, she will eat it.

The next day I found a note on the whiteboard, near the tuna, from Courtney “No tuna, something other than tuna.” No, “I” did not write Zombie meat 😉 I bought a pack of SPAM and wrote “it’s not tuna!”


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