Conversations with Endocrinologists

I personally, have had many different doctors tell me many different things, all under the guise of “normal” test results.  It wasn’t until I started demanding to see the actual results, that I learned that “normal” is defined differently by each lab and by each doctor.  I’ve even had one doctor send the same sample to 5 different labs and get 5 extremely diverse responses.  Best thing I can advise is do your homework (I have many links to starting points in my categories section).  Don’t just stick with one opinion, read them all and do what is best for you!  I have to tell you, all of my thyroid tests were “NORMAL” yet, I had a baseball out the side of my neck… HOW IS THAT NORMAL?!?

Talk to your doctors and maybe read through some of the topics discussed in this article:

More info about Thyroid:

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