Arm Wrestling

I took Courtney and William to grab a quick meal out and run by the grocery store. While we were walking around these two were messing around and teasing each other. Please keep in mind that William will be 13in Dec. and Courtney was 18 in June. [AND FOR THE RECORD, they both had no problem order off the kid menu earlier, and all the servers knew Courtney?!?]

It was easily proven that William is taller on his toes…. a bit of punching… a lot of me growling “stop it!”… something over and over again about who is stronger. I tried to leave them. I heard bickering about settling with an arm wrestle. I claimed Courtney… after they stopped whining/cheering… I pointed out Courtney would win ONCE, but William would spend the rest of his life NEVER losing to her again.

As I walked as quickly as I could to the checkout, these strange children kept following me! I kept quietly yelling “QUIT!” while groups of shoppers near me snickered. I finally pointed “over there” and said “GO… be gone! get away from the shoppers!… and me!” While my sweet young high school checker was scanning my items, my two well behaved children left “over there” and went “over here” and propped up on the empty checkout counter behind her. A full blown arm wrestle match ensued (with an audience of lanes of shoppers)! Under my breath, I finally snarled “STOP IT RIGHT NOW!” [laughing & snickering all around me] My poor checker panicked and froze in place.

I leaned forward and “not really” quietly said, “I’m sorry… not you… [nodding my head behind her]… THEM!” [laughing & snickering all around me] She almost squealed “OH, they look so sweet!” [envision me laughing, smoke out my ears, gritting teeth] With teeth still gritted I proudly announced “until you know that SHE is almost 19!!!”

ROARING LAUGHTER… not from me.


One Year Ago:

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