The Motorcycle Jacket Guy

I had totally forgotten that a few weeks ago, when I was putting gas in the car, that another couple was also getting gas. They were discussing his new motorcycle (he had NOT yet driven). I caught part of the conversation where he said “… No, I don’t need to spend money on a coat, I’ll just wear this one…”

This went on, back and forth, all the while he is “trying not to spend money” on gear. I finally couldn’t stand it any longer, and I intervened. I pointed out that while his suede leather coat might be warm now, that’s not all a motorcycle jacket is designed to do. [I did NOT comment on the collar]. I explained that it was the only thing between him and the road (besides helmet… he said one came with it!) and there is a lot of thought in a motorcycle jacket. You cannot trust a used helmet, it may have been dropped. The gear is EXTREMELY important, don’t skimp. AND, he should take a class. I could tell they stopped listening so I just suggested that he take it for a test drive, in little traffic, AT SPEED, out on our 75mph freeway. They politely nodded. I tried.

Today, as I was waiting at a stoplight, a motorcycle pulled up next to me and motioned for me to roll down my window.

He flipped up the helmet visor… It was that guy, sporting ALL NEW gear. “I’m so glad I came across you again! You knew that collar was going to hit me in the face didn’t you? After I took it out and told my wife what happened, we went to the store and they confirmed everything you said, especially the helmet. I took a class last week and learned a lot! I just wanted to says ‘Thanks’ because I think I might have been too embarrassed to tell my wife I needed to actually spend a lot of money, if she hadn’t heard it from you first!”

Ya’lll look twice, I like my biker friends/family!

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