The MRI, and the MRI

It was just a “normal MRI day,” we arrived, checked in, and I was called back. The tech had me situated and I brought my own earplugs; as she had the bed raised and partly entered into the MRI machine, she hollers “I’ll just pop back in here at the end and place the IV for the contrast dye.” [that kind of MRI, is called an MRV] I replied, “Yah, I don’t think so!”

So, she guides the bed out and thinks she’s gonna do an IV on a raised bed in a dimly lit room. She was wrong.

As we were at the door, walking back to the prep room (where she had NOT originally taken me) there was a whining noise from “over there” but it stopped.

After the typical 20 minutes to get an IV in me, double rubber-bands, hot compress, etc., (she gets kudos for one stick but she did have to dig around), we were back at the MRI machine. As she started to raise the bed, it jerked like a stick-shift in the wrong gear at a stoplight!! Remember my head? OW!! It never stopped trying to “raise the bed” even though it was all the way up. I performed a reverse flip, with tuck to exit the bed. (just checking to see if you are REALLY paying attention 🙂 )

She made some calls, “rebooted” the thing, made more calls and then asked how I felt about driving across the street to the other MRV machine. “After all the effort to get that IV in, I wanna make sure you get scanned today!”

As we approached Jeff out in the lobby, he said “I was just about to ask them how much longer because it seems like it’s taking longer.”

Then, the 2 minute drive but 10 minutes to find the correct building entrance. They were waiting on me so I had a normal MRV scan study performed. I already wasn’t feeling very good and the dye didn’t help settle my stomach any!

I won’t know the results until April 1, because that is the first day we will be around to go to the doctor. I “assume” they will call me if something seems urgent?!? I’ll keep you posted.

[NOTE: as of 03/24/14, yes, my head still hurts & I’m not sleeping but I have on my “I’m Grumpy don’t make it worse” t-shirt (you know, Grumpy… one of the 7 dwarves!) 🙂 ]

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