[pics incl] Heather had something banging on her basement bedroom window ( her window is underground with an egress gate). The wind has been crazy this week (see news for semi being flipped). We had a wind burst and it blew the front door open and startled me! Heather came upstairs moments later saying, when the wind blew, something kept clanging on the glass, over and over again. She opened her window and the hose from the water cooler (evaporator cooler on the roof) was dangling down through her grate and swung right by her face!

About an hour later, she comes all the way upstairs, to my room, with a small box. “Do you wanna bunny picture?”


“Something was banging on my window and this time when I opened it I found this…”

“I should put the cat down…”

I have named Heather’s noise: Thumper. [there’s a leaf over his ears on top of his head.]


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