If You Are Going To Die Laughing…

[pics incl] … … I want to take one last photo before you die… … … 😛


I was telling one of my fabulously, completely true stories…

(It is midnight here in Indiana where I am attending a memorial and visiting family, and I was telling one last thing 🙂 I was using ADJECTIVES = see this story about cats for why adjectives are important: http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2014/01/24/pink-elephants/ )

Tonight’s very short story was of a time I misunderstood what someone said to me, and my dad did not expect “the punch line” and started laughing, which made the rest of us laugh, which made him laugh… and laugh, he held his ribs, which made us laugh, he was clearly about to die laughing… which made us laugh.

So clearly, I needed one last photo!

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