Wash Your Mouth Out with Soap

I’m NEVER going to the store with kids again! [ http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2013/11/15/arm-wrestling/ ]

The other day, I bought “some green drink thang” for Ashley, she had me taste it. I said, “Tastes like baby food.” Of course, she misheard me, and the joke became “baby poo.”

TODAY, I was making a grocery list, and when Ashley said “baby poo,” I wrote it.

Ashley and Courtney went to the store with me… … … because they wanted Starbucks. Courtney’s drink was NASTY, “here, taste this!!” Ashley and I agreed it was NASTY!

We were on a row alone, except for one woman, standing right in the middle, in our way, so we took the opportunity to “check the list” and “comment on the taste of Courtney’s nasty drink.” Please imagine this conversation taking place, ALL AT THE SAME TIME, behind you at the grocery store ( of course you are pretending NOT to listen to us while you pretend to look for the item you have already located but not reached out to grab BECAUSE you are actually listening to the crazy group of giggling people near you! 🙂 )

Courtney is reading off the list, while Ashley and I are agreeing that Courtney’s drink is NASTY. “Peaches, got that. Hoagie bread, got that” “This is awful! I can’t get this taste out of my mouth!” “Baby poo, we already got that too. I NEED gum!” Ashley to Courtney: “Do you want to wash your mouth out with soap? It might help get the taste out?!” “HA! I HAVE GUM!”

That lady, (back toward us) tensed up, grabbed her item and RAN! We saw her later, she started to turn down our same aisle but she bolted the other way. When she left abruptly the first time, we couldn’t stop laughing (I actually took a picture of the girls’ faces, so I could remember to write the blog 😉 AND to document that they actually stated OUT LOUD that they were gonna wash their own mouths out with soap! )

If you hear the rumor that we eat baby poo and then rinse our mouths with soap… THAT LADY STARTED THE RUMOR!

[Ashley said it’s called Bolthouse Green Goodness juice… the green stuff.]

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