Camping 09/26-09/28/14

[pics incl]  We went camping this weekend.  We were all going until Murphy’s Law kicked in 😉  Heather was working, Ashley spent a couple of days being pretty sick and Courtney is in China.  The kids sat around and decided that we should go camping without them, like we did a couple years ago (our anniversary is Monday).  [ ]  So… we did 😆

This time, we had cell phone service?!?  One of Jeff’s co-workers mentioned a gun range (which we had planned to take William someday), and it turned out to be less than a mile from where we were camping!  We spent about 3 hours driving all around everywhere (mostly because I cannot be in the sun and haven’t bought a big, obnoxious, sun hat yet!).  We realized that we really weren’t that far (as a bird flies) from Indian Creek campground and the fishing areas the kids have all been talking about recently.  Ashley has been trying to paint some scenes from memory so we snapped several photos for her cause. 

It was relaxing and peaceful, except when some music student practiced playing trumpet… then, not so much. Jeff thought the kids would be amused that “I” was helping him hitch (yup, missed the kids!)! And, to top off the end or our trip, we had to wait for the tail end of a motorcade of motorcycles (obviously, some major event near Conifer), I stopped counting around 1000! No where near the 150K in Galveston but brought back memories 🙂

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