I Did NOT Cook Frosting For Dinner

[pics incl]  I fixed dinner.  YES… I fixed dinner, stop laughing!  I was even gonna use the grill but somewhere along the line, I was missing the part where the starter to the grill went out and “we have been using a lighter for a year.”  So I fixed chicken quarters in the oven and I did NOT set the oven on fire doing it 😉  While the rest of us are perfectly ecstatic to use the BBQ sauce from Tim’s friend, I know Courtney does not like it so I left one “blank” 😉

Courtney is home from China and pointed out that we are out of ketchup….. I did NOT fix frosting for dinner tonight, but I had the foresight a couple of weeks ago when I made William’s birthday cake, to place the frosting in the fridge.  WHY?  Because I knew… yes, I knew, that Courtney would eventually find it. 🙂

20150110_photos 001-edited

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