Dinner and Art Tattoos at Lambrecht’s

[pics incl]  Courtney and I decided to hijack the Lambrecht’s kitchen, our logic was this:  Our house smells like “cleaning stuff” (not smokey anymore), it doesn’t smell like awful chemicals, but it is a very strong smell.  We do not have a stove.  SOOOO, we should just bring our dinner down here and cook it.  If they have plans, they either won’t show up, or they will leave, but if not, dinner will be served. 😉  I even realized that when John’s grill didn’t start up with the ignition switch, TO GO FIND A LIGHTER! 😉 [NOTE:  It didn’t take long for us to confirm that fact that John did NOT know we were camped at his house 😉 ]

Ashley has some new art painting supplies she wanted to test.  She very politely asked Daxton to pose for her so she could see how they would blend together while she painted his eye.  He obliged.


20150120_photos 019

I’m not quite sure if John was actually awake when she began painting tattoos on his arm but after a while, he was giving her suggestions.

20150120_photos 022

20150120_photos 023 - Copy


20150120_photos 023

AND THEN, there was ice….

20150120_photos 025



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