Siemer-Scott Wedding Registry

Thank ya’ll soooo much for the overwhelming support and advice of trying to throw together something with one weeks notice, for Drew & Heather (apparently this is the norm for Navy marriage) 😉

AND all the offers of assistance with the kitchen fire. It’s kinda caught up with us, but marriage announcements are in the works and a crew is ripping out fire damaged cabinets in the kitchen right now!

Heather and Drew are NOT having a ceremony at this time.  We hope to have a celebration after he graduates this next set of studies and before he gets stationed.

So many of you have asked if they are registered anywhere. I’m not sure if they have a date on it yet (try 01/27/15) but they are registered at Sears Siemer-Scott

[NOTE added 01/24/15 (this is best understood if you imagine me speaking, entirely too fast, with a thick Texas accent (also, best pronounce ax-see-int) 😛 )

WHY? because they were originally going to “get married on paper by mail” 1) so that Drew could prepare for her to “live on base” (if that was an option) and 2) because Drew did not know he would have any leave; so, Jeff was going to drive her out as his work travel arrangements permitted (no real set date) and 3) because they originally thought his graduation was going to be in March.

They are still getting married “on paper” (because they already had the appt for that but now it’s not via phone or fax or whatever) because NOW Drew is here (so they both go to sign paper at same place now) because 1) he graduated sooner than expected and 2) he was able to get last minute leave (hence the one week notice) and he has to be back quickly.  SO, he will drive back with her AND since there was not on base housing available, they are getting an apartment near base.

So the answer to your questions are: YES, they are driving, and YES, if you prefer, you can have a gift sent to their address in SC instead of having them drive it out there, and YES, they are leaving in time to be in SC on Jan 30-31.

HOWEVER, if you hear something different, BELIEVE THAT, I’m still not great with dates and I’m not sure I have the correct version of what just happened 😉 ]

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