Chinese New Year Dinner with Leung’s

[pics incl]  We went out to dinner with Kevin and Shirley, et. al.  Although yesterday was actually Chinese New Year (Sheep), it was going to be to crazy so we decided to go this weekend.  (And by “we” I mean Kevin and Jeff 😉 ).  Then the snow storm was headed this way so tonight it is!  We are all taking random pictures of the food and texting across the table 😉 (I know, that’s totally inappropriate but all of us wanted to document the crazy food!  Don’t ask me what any of it is, most of it was seafood/shellfish and I didn’t eat any of those meals.  When the fish (Sea Bass) came out, everyone just stared at it until, we all decided that Kevin should “do something.”  He very masterfully, de-boned dinner.  Apparently, you are supposed to give “gifts” on Chinese New Year but since none of our Chinese speaking children told us, we didn’t know that!  It’s kinda like going to a gift exchange… without a gift!

I don’t know about everyone else, but I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the dishes (even if I didn’t eat them) and watching some of their reactions to “umm… interesting…” foods!  Great company, as always.  Kevin and his sister, Jessica felt compelled to take photos with Ashley and William because they dressed up for the occasion.

Ashley saw the fish tank and wanted to take them home but I’m pretty sure they wanted to eat her because they swarmed as she was standing there next to the tank.

From now on, I’m always sitting next to Kevin because he just reaches over and refills your drinks whenever he likes!  Actually, he was making sure I didn’t touch anything that might have shellfish on it, since they were eating that shellfish meal (many with their hands).  I successfully made it through dinner without any reactions…. but I brilliantly reached out and shook all their hands as we were leaving and by the time I got home, my hands and feet were swelling up pretty bad.  (It’s hard to take a photo of your swelling hands while your hands are swollen, so you got my feet!).  By the time I finished taking the photo, I need lots of antihistamine and a shower because my face/mouth was next on the swelling list.  All better now!

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