Re-learning Spanish

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been working at our friends’ (Leung’s) carwash.  Many of the employees speak only Spanish (enough English to communicate the basics).  Well, I took several years of Spanish in high school (placed out of taking languages in college 😉 ).  I haven’t used it since.  I tell people that I know enough Spanish to get me in trouble!  I can understand it a bit (if you speak slowly as if to a child), but not read nor write much.  However, it’s probably all in here somewhere, lost with all the other stuff I have forgotten 😉

One of the employees has taken it upon himself to “teach me Spanish”… again.  According to him, he can read English fluently but he cannot speak it.  I think he can and it’s all a ploy to teach me Spanish.  The problem is, that I do not know how much I knew “before” and if I will be remembering any of it, but he is convinced that if I can start learning Spanish again, he will cure me 😉

More power to him!  (and if I knew how to say THAT in Spanish, it would be fitting right here 😉 )

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