Ode to Paint Chips

We are trying to decide what color to repainted the walls around the kitchen cabinets. Currently, the walls are a very deep forestry green but I’m leaning toward a “country blue.” I know I have a bag of paint chips from each paint we have used in/on the house. I cannot find it. I was on a mission to find it today, so I opened every box I could find [http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2015/05/15/emotional-moment/]

I gave up and just went online to try to match some of our existing colors with whatever we might choose. I mentioned to Roni that a washed denim look might be nice and she found one called “skinny jeans.” But I think the hue is off 😉 hence, my search for paint chips. The problem is that the colors we used years ago are “obsoleted” and new numbers and shades have replaced them.

After spending a frustrating hour, I had a thought… Courtney “collects paint chips.” [http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2012/08/04/i-spy/] She has ALWAYS collected paint chips, so maybe, she has some from “our time.”

So I txt Courtney “if u were possibly hoarding bags/boxes of paint chips from HD… where would they be? pls have lots”

Moments later, I had my hands on A LOT of paint chips but only ones she liked… 🙂 AND… MY BAG OF PAINT CHIPS!!! I told ya, she collects paint chips.

So for future reference, I highly recommend grabbing all the “matching paint chips” in your color schemes (and even those that are close matches)! And here’s a thought, have your kids do it and no one will judge you! 🙂



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