William Did NOT Run Over a Snake 06/14/15

[pics incl]  I let William drive on the back roads in Moulton, Shiner and Morales, he’s excellent at avoiding sudden deer.  Also, NO snakes were harmed during these driving expeditions (ask him… 🙂 ).  Before we left the Hull farm in Moulton, Andrew and his wife Therese brought their youngest 4 kids out (same 4 from yesterday).  They milked the cow and I took lots of pictures (so watch for slideshows whenever I get good wifi service).  Then we went out to visit Aunt Kate in town, before leaving (ask her about that bar of dark chocolate I left for her 😉 ).  THEN, we stopped by to hug Aunt Betty in Shiner before heading to Morales.

20150615_slideshow-534 20150615_slideshow-533

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