Still in Morales 06/18/15

[pics incl] Robbie and I went down the road today and the river is still over its banks. We met the 8-10 truck electric company caravan along the way. The last guy stopped to chat and apologize for taking so long. Apparently they had to MANUALLY carry a pole “back in there where the trucks can’t go.” You may be asking HOW they are getting in/out. There is a dirt road out one way that was under water but now the only big 4wd vehicles can get through. I am not in my 4wd Suburban, I am in a little, low to the ground car. Robbie won’t even take her Suburban down it because it’s not 4wd. William and I are about to start rearranging bedrooms the way we like them. FYI, Deidra is NOT here, it’s just the 4 of us.

We ran into a local who walked across the river yesterday when it was about 3 FEET high but he said it quickly rose higher on him returning back over.


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