Pickel’s and Scott’s, and Add a Little Bacon

[pics incl]  Stacy’s kids were available and we needed some quick Pickel cousin time!  Going out to eat has kinda been my nemesis but Esteban’s was calling!  A close second, is Esteban’s TO GO 😉  I had planned to visit with my cousin Autumn (maiden name Bacon) so I just asked her and Nathaniel (YES… another Nathaniel 😉 ) to join me at Stacy’s… and “by the way what is YOUR Esteban order” 😉  The second we picked up food and left, Kyle (Bacon) contacted me… “Got off work early… whatcha doing?”  I was driving so I had William text him “Mom is driving.  Go to Stacy’s, there will be food.”  The genius stopped and brought dessert!  Poor Stacy has been “the beneficiary of much company” without the benefit of actually being home in the past week to do any preparations for said company.  Tonight, we proved that we can pull off something better than “a bad cafeteria experience.” [Trays, included] 😉  We pulled all the chairs in the house into the living room and had ourselves a nice visit! (I say “we” loosely as I did nothing)

Wesley has a selfie stick…. so we are ALL in the photo!


Wesley, Stacy, Darci, Kyle, Theresa, Nathaniel, William, Autumn (due Oct)



Wesley and William (6mo apart?!?)


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