Dinner at Andrea’s

[pics incl] I was put in charge of dinner. No houses caught fire during the making of the meal!

Stay tuned…

[NOTE UPDATE: I texted Jeff the picture of me wearing Hayley’s apron & hat… his response: “Best can tell you cooked a can of corn. Where do you buy the rest?” For the record, I made the strawberries and bananas. Kelley’s Country Kitchen made the rest.

20150625_photos 009
20150625_photos 026


William and I had to go to THE REAL SHIPLEY’S in League City. While we were there we bumped into the mailman, whom I knew?!?! I used to babysit his kids when I was in highschool. How cool is that?! Wish I had remembered to have William take a photo.

20150625_photos 001

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