Arm Wrestling Reincarnated

I knew this day would come, we were not really looking for it, but we all recognized it immediately. It’s the day that William was gonna make sure that Courtney “did not win.” Perhaps it has taken longer to get to this point because Courtney spent most of the past year in China.

I think it started with cheesecake and a race to the spot on the couch “to the right of dad,” that was really to his left? Courtney arrived there first but, in his defense, William had been sitting there “before cheesecake.”

Simultaneously, they yelled “Can I have permission to jerk her off of the couch?” and “Do I have permission to draw blood?” [He actually prepared by setting his cheesecake plate off to the side; She armed herself with her fork and confidently held her plate of cheesecake.]

Jeff, Ashley and I all yelled “NO!”

Ok, it’s not that arm wrestling that I’m referring to in the title… [] It’s the follow up to that day 😉 because NOW, he outguns her by 3″ or 4″ and 35 pounds! I’m not saying he would have come out unscathed but I do believe she would have no longer been sitting on the couch. 🙂 He had planted his feet.

The follow-up to “today’s little spat” will be the exact same scenario where they DO NOT ask permission first!

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