Homemade Salsa

[pics incl] Our friends/neighbors, Van Houten’s gave us a LOT of tomatoes from their garden, with a comment “we want some back as salsa.” They weren’t talking to me.  We only had a few jalapenos and cilantro from our “garden” so I went and purchased more organic ingredients for Jeff to use.


Jeff and William blanched, peeled and diced all the tomatoes then chopped the remaining ingredients.  When I got home it looked like this:


I suggested “we” strain some tomato juice from it and let it simmer.


We tweaked it with a few more fresh ingredients and viola!  Homemade guacamole too!


I called Katie to take her some salsa before it dissappeared but she wanted to come see the kitchen.  William is officially taller (last time we measured them:  http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2015/04/13/katie-and-william/ )


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