Caterpillars in the Bed

[pics incl] Jeff says “Caterpillars in the Bed” should be the title of a scary children’s book. But it’s the story of my life at the moment. I was sitting on the edge of the bed, and noticed something on my sock. Where did it come from? How long has it been there?!?

I’ll be sitting on the leather couch all night….


[NOTE UPDATE:  William had a traumatizing “spider” experience yesterday… so I made a point of taking the caterpillar to him… and asked him to fling it outside.  There was depate anoungst the others about “how” he should dispose of the caterpillar and “toilet flushing” won.  HOWEVER, he dumped it in and the toilet did NOT flush… and he left.  I told him he canNOT leave it there… or someone will have a very bad day!]

Can Ladybugs turn into caterpillars??? ;-P

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