Josh and William Sledding 11/29/15

[pics incl]  Josh came over to hang out for a couple of days and caught on quickly when we taught him “how to tease your sister” games.  We found this bug on the floor… and they put a cup over the bug… and when Courtney arrived home later he looked at her with a straight face and asked her to hand him the cup.

Josh:  “There’s a cup on the floor.”
Courtney: “Why is the cup on the floor?”
Josh:  “You should hand me the cup from the floor.”
Courtney: “OK? but why is there a cup on the floor?”

She picked it up, walked over to him, stepping on the bug along the way.  He just looked at us and said “She stepped on the bug.”  THAT comment, induced the correct SCREAM and she promptly started yelling at Josh, attempted a very girly punch, and will never trust him again.  “It’s always the quiet ones!!!”  Mission accomplished.  Josh-1, Courtney-0

One evening, Jeff, Ashley and Claudia were also here (Courtney had left) and the 6 of us played some card games.  We taught how to run the table for Texas Hold-Em (and several other questionable cardgames that he excels at winning) so I’m sure his parents will never let him visit again 😉

The next day, Josh and William moved on to sledding.  They took several breaks because Josh is sensitive to cold from his chemo treatments. At one point, they created a sledding “hill” using the small trailer that was already tipped in the snowbank.  They discovered if they took a running leap, they got much better “sliding down the hill” time.  William decided they should try it “as a double,” so Josh sat, Will ran and leapt onto the sled, which promptly sent Josh sliding off the sled, while the sled just sat there with Will on it. 🙂  Josh’s solo run was perfect and lasted the entire length of our little hill.

Josh decided they needed a tractor to build up the snow hill.  Well “WE” do not have a tractor but the Van Houten’s do!  I suggested they go find Neal and Sam… knowing that this might be a grouping that “ahem, might cause mischief” (see bug & cup story above 😉 or even the trailer-sledding)…    We bundled them both up in our ski gear and sent them out.  It was a huge success because Neal is an accomplished farmer and with his parents approval and supervision, he taught Josh to drive the tractor.  William even thought to take a photo from the tractor cab!  A great big SHOUT OUT to David & Katie & Neal & Sam Van Houten for treating the boys to a spectacular afternoon!

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